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I am Nola, She is Me…

Director Spike Lee recently debuted She’s Gotta Have It on Netflix. A retelling of the 1986 comedy-drama focusing on Nola Darling, a beautiful Black woman who is maneuvering between sexual relationships with three different men: James “Jimmy” Overstreet – the “polite” gentleman; Greer Childs – the narcissistic, self-obsessed pretty boy; and Mars Blackmon – the … Continue reading

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Kendrick’s Colorism

Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar debuted his fourth LP, Damn. As character of his work, Kendrick unleashed thought-provoking tracks, most notably Humble. Released as the first single off the Damn LP, Humble caused quite a stir. Contrary to album critique’s, Humble has come under scrutiny, but not for Kendrick’s shots fired lyrical heat, but for his choice to give voice … Continue reading

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Transgender Agenda

There has been a lot of talk recently, many expressions of opinions, about the identity of womanhood and who fits or doesn’t fit into the category of “woman”. I’ve read articles and watched videos that spewed titles like: TERF – Trans-Exclusionary/Eliminationalist/Exterminationist Radical Feminist, bigender – someone identifying as two genders, Agender – a person who … Continue reading