“An Every Day Girl in A Ever Day World”

There are people who enter life with the intent to change the world, be heroic, and “make a difference”. Then there are others who absorb themselves in themselves, caring not of their effects on the lives of others; however, I intend to do neither of these things.

I created my little section of the world through this blog – to share my experiences, vent  frustrations, and communicate with people who relate to me and the things that I go through in life.

Here I will give the pains, joys, lessons, experiences, and day to day happenings of Written. I look not to save anyone, if I touch your life than I embrace the inspiration that I placed upon a life – but I am here not to be anyone’s savior or hero.

When I created this little piece of me the only thing that I knew was, I wanted to write – NEEDED TO WRITE. Writing is me, it is who I am, my words and opinions and the hunger to express them. Even in knowing that I wasn’t sure which internal passion best fit this creative space; but, what I found most true to myself is simply, I just want to be me:

The mother of three loving little boys, a flawed imperfect wife to a patient understanding husband, hard-working and distracted full-time Psychology student, a lifesaver and a writer.

From this spawned…