Dear White America

*This post is not a newly written piece, this is a work that I completed years ago.*

In recent news, there has been heavy controversy over the recent public performances and protesting actions of Black artist in America; for example, Beyonce’s “Black power fist” salute during Super Bowl 50 and Kendrick Lamar’s 2016 Grammy performance. These two performances rallied tremendous backlash, protest, and negative feedback; White America was so pissed by what these images stood for they amassed organized protest against what they perceived as a systematic rallying of “Anti-White” hatred.

After analyzing Beyonce’s “Formation” video, her Super Bowl performance, and Kendrick’s Grammy performance, what I have gathered in my observation is the truth of the issue. The truth, what White America has against such performance is not promotion of “Anti-White” hate; instead, they stand against the realization of their own fear and of recognition, that stand against what these performances demonstrate and promote, empowerment and self-realization for people of color.

These performance stand against a silenced oppression, oppression used against people who look like Kendrick and Beyonce, people who live with the everyday struggles and hardship of their oppression, people accosted solely because of how they look and who they are, Black people and other minorities of color.

The truth of the matter is people of color in their current state, within the constructed foundation of this country, seemingly pose no threat to “White America”; we hold no true power. As long as we are divided within ourselves and at war within the confines of the conditioning of hundreds of years of oppression, we are not a foreboding upturn of what they have worked so hard to establish – their dominance . However; I am not spewing new information, this isn’t knowledge that White America or any person in America isn’t aware of, given that our founding fathers and beyond have taken great pride in creating said dynamic.

Yet, despite White America’s best efforts, people of color have achieved so much, we have proven time and time again, in the face of White America’s best attempts we are present and shall remain a force. However, the simplicity of what is unsettling to “White America”, is the discomfort that public outcries, movements, and knowledge build moments such as these performances garner within Black people, and more discomforting is what it means for White America.

What White America doesn’t seem to comprehend is very basic in its foundation, these performances and moments aren’t for them, these experiences are for us. These moments are empowering reminders of who we are, where we come from, what we have survived, and what we can accomplish because of the strength we each possess – if only we recognize it and make ourselves knowledgeable of its existence. These moments do not require your approval and we aren’t seeking your validation for them. The truth is, what you truly despise about these moments is that you can not control them; therefore, you fear them.

You fear the Black American and any person of color – the minority, not because they are criminal, not they are savage, not they are animal – what you fear is the self-realization and recognition of out own power. What White America fears, is the truth of our existence, the acknowledgement of their ascension to a position of power on the stealing of knowledge of others, the murderous overthrowing and pillaging of every land and country you laid foot on, and most importantly the threat that truth presents to the undoing of their privilege and our oppression.

What you fear, White America, is the overthrow of your illegitimate reign within and of a land that was never rightfully yours; a land built on the backs of those you strive – with great determination, to hold in a position of inferiority. What you, White America, fear is the absolute power that can be obtained when we learn to love within ourselves and discontinue asking for permission and validation, and learn to understand the power within our Blackness.

At every turn, White America has demonized and created fear against any form of power we establish for ourselves; as Tomi Lahren so clearly demonstrated by labeling the Black Panther Movement and activist Malcolm X terrorist to this country. However, the truth of American terrorism is – long before there was a Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, or Malcolm X, there was Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor, Robert Byrd, James L. Hart, Lester Maddox and the reality is this list can continue, endlessly.

So, I ask who are the real terrorist, who are the real savages, and who are the real criminals?

Who “White America”, truly holds the reigns of oppression and privilege in this country and who lives in within the confines of systematically generation repetition of  mental conditioning and oppression? Who treads on the line of control and who has something to lose when the paradigm shifts? In these coming seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, and generations – adjust yourself to the idea that we are owning our Blackness and your self righteous approval isn’t necessary for our progression.

So stop fucking thinking we give a shit about your protest, your fear, or your propagandized fear tactics, because we’re not here for it and we’re not hearing it.

An Unapologetic Black Woman

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