Written’s Corner

Life is a journey, a journey that each of us endures, a journey filled with hardships and triumphs, joys and sadness, failures and accomplishments. Each of these moments and experiences shape and mold who we become as people – man, and woman. – Each moment forming how we think, our worldly perspective, shaping and constructing our convictions and beliefs, and creating our sense of purpose.

Throughout my personal journey, I have carried a gift. A gift that for many years was submerged within the depth of my pain and hardships. My gift, the power of words and the sharing of myself – my voice. With the development and understanding of myself I have find a piece of purpose, from which Writtens Corner was created.

In this space, I bring my thoughts, opinions, and perspective, in this space, I share my sorrows, pains, and successes. In this space, I give you Written.

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